• Best Adventure Film Kendall Mountain Film Festival (Europe’s largest Adventure Film Festival)
  • Grand Prize Cinematography Las Palmeras, France
  • Best Short Film Salem Art Film Festival
  • Best Film Kayak Film Fest, Rosenheim Germany
  • People’s Choice Award National Paddling Film Festival
  • Grand Prize and People’s Choice Explos Film Festival
  • “Our favorite film at Banff” Wall Street Journal

“Proof that an action movie can be both reverent and thrilling.” — Outside Magazine

“One of the Seven Films that changed paddling forever.” — Rapid Magazine

“What do you get when you combine decades of filmmaking and kayaking experience, a reverence for whitewater and a $25,000 camera with five times the resolution of HD video? The answer is “Wildwater”, a groundbreaking labor of love from director Anson Fogel and co-writer/producer Doug Ammons. Featuring jawdropping 120 fps slow motion footage and intense Hollywood-quality sound, the DVD is so immersive you’ll be checking the couch for puddles.” — Virginia Marshall, editor Rapid Magazine

WildWater is a journey into the mind and soul of whitewater, into the places only river runners can go, places of discovery, solitude and risk. Its a visually stunning feast for the senses, and an expedition into new ideas. It is the only kayaking film ever that has won “Best Film” award in both Adventure film festivals, and an Art Film festival. When you watch it, you will understand why.

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Doug’s Other Films

    • Jungle Kayakers
      1991 National Geographic – First descent of Shumulha River Chen Cave and Agua Azul waterfalls, Mexico.
      Winner Banff Film Festival “Best Mountain Film”. Bob McDougall, Markus Schmid, Jerome Truran, Doug Ammons.


    • Stikine River Fever
      1999 National Geographic – Descent of Grand Canyon of the Stikine River.
      Charlie Munsey, Rob Lesser, Gerry Moffatt, Wink Jones, Reggie Crist, Doug Ammons.


    • Rivers of the Maya
      1993 ESPN – First descent of Santa Domingo River gorges, Mayan archaeology on the Uscimacinta River, Agua Azul waterfalls. Jim and Jeff Snyder, Peter Knowles, Sandra Schmidt, Doug Ammons.


    • Whitewater!
      North Fork Payette River 1995 Outdoor Life Network – Handpaddling at high water on the legendary North Fork of the Payette River in Idaho.

    • Thule Bheri – River of the Hidden Land
      1995 Outdoor Life Network – First descent of the last major river in Nepal, from the Hidden land of the Dolpa. Charlie Munsey, Gerry Moffatt, Scott Lindgren, Danielle Crist, Doug Ammons.


    • Bolivia – Andes to Amazon
      1997 Outdoor Life Network – First descents in unknown upper Amazon tributaries. Scott Lindgren, Danielle Crist, John Foss, Doug Ammons.


  • The Triple Crown of Kayaking
    1999 Outdoor Life Nework – Descents of the three classic expedition rivers of Canada/Alaska: Devil’s Gorge of Susitna, Turnback Canyon of the Alsek, Grand Canyon of the Stikine. Charlie Munsey, Rob Lesser, Gerry Moffatt, Wink Jones, Reggie Crist, Doug Ammons.

Four of these films won Emmy Awards
Doug received an Emmy for Action Cinematography in 1998
He wrote the scripts for four, played classical guitar for soundtrack in three.

Notes on a few of the other paddlers:


Charlie Munsey: one of the premier expedition kayakers of the 1990s as well as the best action and scenic photographer in kayaking.

Scott Lindgren: Charlie’s longtime partner, leader of main New School expedition team (including Chuck and Willie Kern, Knapp brothers, Mark Hayden, Steve Fisher, Tao Berman) through the mid 1990s and into the 2000s, dozens of expeditions all over the world including the Tsangpo Gorge. Major creator of New School Kayaking films. Winner of Emmy Award for Action Cinematography in 1998

Rob Lesser: Grand old man of expedition kayaking with multiple exploratory first descents on now classic rivers such as the Sustina, Stikine, Braldu and others. Hands-down choice as one of the first people to be elected to the International Whitewater Hall of Fame

Bob McDougall:
one of the all-time greats in expedition kayaking, also a multiple first ascent big wall alpinist. One of the best read people and toughest athletes I’ve ever met. Makes his living as a special effects rigger for stunts in major Hollywood movies, working with Jackie Chan, Slyvester Stallone, and many others, including Keanu Reeves in the Matrix series.

Gerry Moffatt: Scottish expatriate to Nepal and US, tremendously talented kayaker and multi-sport athlete, roust-about, filmmaker and producer, first descents in 30 countries, also Everest summitter, and BBC commentator

Wink Jones: Idaho native and long time Class V paddler on NF Payette and several expeditions. Strategic expert in jump-starting new businesses.

Reggie Christ:
long time member of US National Ski Team, Olympic and World Cup team. Multiple extreme skiing films in Alaska, Greenland. Was taught Class V paddling by Gerry and quickly progressed to very high level.

Danielle Christ:
Reggie’s little sister, national level ski racer, excellent top kayaker

Sandra Schmidt
was probably the best woman paddler of the 90s, World Freestyle Champion and could hold her own in Class V with the best men.

Jerome Truran: South African transplanted to Canada. Silver medalist in downriver World Championship, expert Class V paddler, all round climber.

Peter (“Green Slime”) Knowles
is author of Whitewater guidebook to the Alps, Whitewater guidebook to Nepal One of the most experienced international kayaking expeditionists, he has done extensive descents in Nepal and Bhutan and elsewhere around the world. He was voted one of 50 great living English explorers

Snyder Brothers: A remarkable duo from West Virginia. Jim was the inventor of squirt paddling, “theoretician” and author of influential book describing this new technique and style, crafter of gorgeous hand-made kayaking paddles. Jeff is character extraordinaire known for his seemingly insane exploits on gnarly Appalachian Class V creeks, his invention of standup kayaking (“striding”) as well as his beautiful woodworking

Markus Schmid: long time top German paddler in the 1980s and early 1990s, with expeditions to Mexico, Canada, Pakistan, and Russia, first descents in the Alps and Norway. One of the first true international ambassadors of kayaking.

John Foss:
Colorado paddler transplant to Peru and Chile, author of whitewater guidebook to Chile, pleased but unsatisfied with the fact he had only floated the scenic Grand Canyon of the Colorado 17 times, totally not quite a full year below the rim in there. Died on an exploratory run in Peru in 1999.

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