Doug Ammons –

Insights into Adventure and the Human Spirit 

There is an aspect of adventure that is common to everyone who has ever pursued an experience in the natural world.  Whether it’s an easy or difficult activity, we learn to create a path that moves with nature’s forces. It is generated by a constant flow of decisions and coordinated skills, timed with balance, power and sensitivity.   Whether in water or snow, up rock, or through the air, the uniting concept by which we fly, ride, climb or paddle with intention is called “the line”.

The line is not some simple, linear thing, nor is it restricted to sports.  It is applicable in every aspect of our lives.  It’s a path of intention and motion demanding great knowledge of our environment. It represents our human ability to project ourselves into the future and decide where we want to be.  The line is not just a safe path, but a mode of exploring what is possible. The ability to conceptualize and choose a path – a line – may be the basis of all purposeful creativity.

You can have huge fun creating a line, and you can handle huge danger if your judgment about the line is correct.  But the only lines that lead us reliably into the future, are the artful human ones that allow safety and relative predictability.

People have an amazing ability to self-evolve through learning, and we want to do more than survive.  We want to thrive, to create beautiful things, and to push into the future in a way that nurtures what we know and love.


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